Earth Day Resolutions that Save You Money

Posted by on April 22, 2008 | 5 Comments

I sacraficed the annual list of New Year’s resolutions long ago, but this year I am very excited about restarting the tradition. Only this time, January 1 isn’t my celebratory day, but rather April 22nd, Earth Day.  As I jotted down my goals for a greener earth, I noticed that my Earth Day Resolutions were reading more and more like a “how to save money” list … hmmm, interesting coincidence don’t you think?  Let’s see, simplifying, reusing, recycling … a recipe for a healthier environment and bank account!  Read my resolutions here on Go Dairy Free for the full list, and let me know your favorite Earth Day ideas!


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  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Great list of resolutions!! Mine are really just to continue what I already do, and try to do even MORE (especially conserving water – I need to pay attention to how long I leave the faucet on – eek!)

    Happy Earth Day!! :0)

  2. What a great tradition idea! I’m going to do it too– I’m going to go jot down my “resolutions” right now!

  3. Aww, thank you :o). I love that website, so I’m excited to contribute to it!

  4. Hey girl,
    I’m definitely not going to share MY recipe for how to cook wheatberries, because it takes a looong time and (as you can tell from my post) doesn’t always work very well! But blogger Veg-A-Nut left me a comment with HER way to cook them, which I’m going to use from now on. Here’s her comment:

    Here is how I cook my wheatberries and they are perfect everytime. 1/2 to 1 cup of wheatberries. Rinse you berries and put them in a stainless steal thermos. Add 1 qt of boiling water put on the lid and let them sit at least 2 hours, but I leave mine overnight. Perfection in the morning. Hope this helps.:o)

  5. David says:

    The folks over at are discussing not using plastic wrap. She’s going to use aluminum foil instead because she can reuse it and its recyclable. She also is considering taking reuseable plastic containers with her when she goes out to eat; she didn’t get to much support with this one – any thoughts here?

    She’s not a vegetarian but she is concerned about the environment – just a disclaimer.



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