Vegan Week ~ Day 5 ~ mmm, chocolate

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So, I am technically writing this in the wee hours of day 6, but day 5 was a long day.  Nutrition took a back seat today, as I didn’t quite make it to the store until after dinner.  Luckily, I scrounged up some healthful items to go with our carb-loading and sugar-cravings.  But, still no meat cravings…

First, I must report a good deal.  We just ordered Nutiva’s Coconut Oil from Amazon. Several months back, after reading how wonderful coconut oil is for you, and that it is supposed to be good for thyroid disorders, we purchased 2 jumbo jars.  Well, it did nothing for my thyroid, but the stuff is fantastic!  After many months, our supply is just beginning to run low, but Amazon has a great deal on it (free shipping, $10 off, etc.) so we decided to restock.  If you are willing to buy in bulk, this is a great deal.  We got 108 ounces (almost 7lbs) of the organic extra-virgin coconut oil for $34 delivered.  It is our oil supply for months. I absolutely love the wonderful buttery taste, though it does have a coconut vibe.

Okay, aside from the great nutiva deal, the first half of the day was rather uneventful food-wise.  Cereal, leftovers, a clif nectar bar.  For lunch, I once again turned to the freezer.  We gave Amy’s Samosas a shot, but I did pair it with a boisterous salad of our remaining lettuce, a lone carrot, and a can of peas, oh yes and some yummy, creamy, homemade dressing with that Vegannaise.  I have tasted some awesome foods from Amy’s, but alas the Samosas failed to excite.  While they had nice big potato chunks and were wonderfully organic and flavorful, the dry texture just didn’t work for me.  But, it was quite filling.


Some recipe trials led to a very successful batch of Chipmunk Chunk Cookies (to be in an upcoming food-allergy cookbook) …


And then, the delivery …. chocolate … loads of it …. it was like Christmas!  Wonderful organic, vegan chocolates from Sjaaks.  My husband and I dove into the regular dark bar first.  It was more like a semi-sweet, easily satisfying my sweet tooth.  Of course, the cookies helped too.  We had to ration though, just one bar for today.


For dinner we once again turned to pasta.  With 1/2 jar of that precious Amy’s Garlic Marinara remaining, I quickly threw together a chickpea marinara with basil, mushrooms, and onions, atop whole wheat angel hair, and garnished with chopped black olives.  Who needs parmesan when you have flavorful olives?


After a quick shop this evening, we are now stocked with enough veggies to last a few more days, and enough squash for a week.  Does anyone have any idea what to do with a watermelon-sized spaghetti squash?


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  1. Hannah says:

    Aw, the samosas weren’t such a hit with you? I sure love ’em… What I do is I heat them in the microwave as directed, but then pop them in the toaster oven for a few more minutes to get nice and crispy on the outside. Plus, they aren’t the least bit dry if you pair them with a nice bowl of soup!

    Anyways, I’ve been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately so maybe I’ll look into getting some for myself. That’s a pretty sweet deal on, after all!

  2. alisa says:

    They weren’t bad, they just didn’t do it for us. However, I love Amy’s Indian Spinach Wraps –

  3. VeggieGirl says:

    Yeah, I’m not big on samosas either – but oh my goodness I have been DYING to try the Indian Spinach wraps!! They’re not sold ANYWHERE here!! :0(

    I’m quite intrigued by those Chipmunk Chunk Cookies…

    Mmm, I too love Amy’s garlic marinara; and I LOVE serving it (or any tomato sauce – I prefer to make my own, with lots of garlic and spinach and whatnot) over spaghetti squash (yes, I use the watermelon size – that way, I have enough for future meals!), with a sprinkling of basil, and piled with more vegetables :0)

  4. alisa says:

    The spinach tofu wraps are pretty new, so they are still hard to find. Within a few months they should be in the freezer section.

    Yes, the chipmunk chunks are a veggiegirl recipe, whole wheat or spelt flour and oats.

    Hmm, yes, I was wondering how the squash would be with pesto?

  5. VeggieGirl says:

    The squash would be FABULOUS with pesto (especially sundried tomato pesto).

  6. I like to use the spaghetti squash like I’d use pasta one day, then make pancakes with the leftovers the next day. Pancakes- press the water out, add salt & pepper, a bit of oil in a pan (I spray it lightly), & brown them until crispy.

    Susan has a recipe:

  7. Sophie says:

    The Chipmunk Chunk Cookies sound really good and unique! Would you mind sharing the recipe :)? I am Sophie, the Blogger in chief at Key Ingredient, and we would love to feature your recipe on our blog! You can comment back at:
    Or if you feel more comfortable, you can email me at:

    We hope to hear from you soon!


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